Group to protest red light camera program (VIDEO)

July 23, 2014

FOX 32 News

There is a protest scheduled for Wednesday (7/23/14) regarding red light cameras.

Activists and residents who are angry over erroneous red light ticket violations say the city should respond and be accountable for those tickets.

The group claims there has been a spike in red light photo enforced tickets. They say thousands of drivers have received tickets for red lights they did not blow and want the city to address the accuracy and management of the cameras.

Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. in the 3100 block of South King Drive, the group will rally in an effort to make a change in the system.

According to a release, Chicago’s red light program is the largest in the country, with 352 cameras at 174 intersections.

FOX 32 News Chicago (VIDEO)