Letter to Superintendent Johnson – Police Budget and Crime

October 10, 2016

Edward T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
Chicago Police Department
3510 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60653

October 10, 2016

Dear Superintendent Johnson:

Thank you for your time and resources at the briefings on September 21st. It is clear a great deal of time and effort went into determining what CPD requires in terms of hiring and resources to address the issues of violence and crime in our city. I write to follow up and formally request materials and additional information.

Bob Boikon stated at the briefing, and Corporate Counsel Steve Patton stated at the Joint Committee of Budget and Government Operations and Public Safety on September 13, that the revised discipline matrix for officers is almost complete. Boikon stated that the matrix may be ready by the end of the year in anticipation of new recruits. I request to see the matrix in any stage of draft before the budget hearings commence. I appreciate that developing such a matrix takes a great deal of consideration and resources, but the creation of COPA was a starting point–we must now ensure that institutional changes are made to further the process of rebuilding trust and accountability.

I further request all current and planned curriculum materials for incoming recruits. Specifically, provide information as to how the curriculum will respond to the Police Accountability Task Force recommendations regarding mental health; crisis intervention; traffic stops; ISR (ACLU) paperwork training; racial profiling; de-escalation; training as it relates to youth interaction; and non-English language training.

I also request additional information regarding staffing. In particular, please advise as to:

  • how many officers are on duty disability,
  • how many have transferred out of district,
  • how many have been assigned to special units,
  • how many are assigned to a district but working out of that district,
  • how many are on FMLA leave, and
  • how many are on administrative staff, and where those officers are assigned.

Ann Kirkpatrick, Chief of the Bureau of Professional Standards, spoke in our briefing about changes to the curriculum and the overall structure of the academy. I request a breakdown of how class structure and curriculum will change with the planned increase of academy cadets per year.

For years, several aldermen, including myself, have inquired about the funding the department receives for manpower, what manpower levels are, and how overtime is spent. In the past five years, hundreds of millions have been spent on overtime. If there is no current plan to halt overtime spending, please address how the department intends to budget for both overtime and a projected $100 million in cost for additional police. Please give a detailed breakdown of all overtime expenditures for the past year, and the projected breakdown for 2017.

Before the upcoming budget session, I further request the specific manpower numbers that exist this year-to-date, and a year-to-year manpower chart from January 2011 to present. Included in these numbers, please provide the data as to:

  • how many officers are currently staffed on patrol;
  • how many officers have retired or left the department through other means of attrition from year-to-year, and;
  • the expected number of retirees within the next year.

I also request a breakdown of manpower district-by-district over the past year, as well as the specific number of sworn officers transferred out of each district throughout the past year.

Thank you for your continued service as well as your time and attention to this matter. I look forward to working towards equipping the Chicago Police Department with the tools and resources it needs to be an effective and upstanding service to the people of Chicago.


Ald. Scott Waguespack, 32nd Ward