LINCOLN YARDS SURVEY by Sheffield Neighborhood Association

August 14, 2018

The board of the Sheffield Neighborhood Association has sent out this survey to surrounding communities  order to gather information and collect more in-depth community input about changes in the North Branch area.

SNA will be hosting a community meeting in Sheffield after Labor Day (see calendar) to review the results and have a community ‘town hall’ meeting to discuss various topics based upon the poll results and community input.


This information will be used to help inform SNA as well as other neighborhood organizations, elected officials and hopefully Sterling Bay in trying to engage your ideas, thoughts and ranked topics of importance to help inform the developer and make the project and even bigger success.

Communication and engagement is critical to a community-driven process the Mayor has demanded for the North Branch redevelopment. The information collected will be made public (without your name) and will become part of the initial conversation we will be having with the developer as we move forward with this project.

Your time is greatly appreciated and your voice will be heard and taken into account.

Thank you.

Jim Gramata
Sheffield Neighborhood Association