I am up for reelection for the 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman. The Presidential Primary Election and State Primary Election is on March 15, 2016.

While serving as the 32nd Ward Alderman in the City Council of Chicago, I was also elected in 2008 to be the Democratic Committeeman for the 32nd Ward.

As Committeeman, I will continue to bring the same strong, independent leadership to this position as I have demonstrated as your Alderman. I hope you will participate and vote in the Presidential Primary Election and State Primary Election on March 15, 2016. 

Ward Committeeman is the representative office for each political party in the ward whether Democratic, Republican or Green Party. The Democratic Committeeman serves on the party’s central committee for Chicago. This is a volunteer position with the responsibility to help foster the Democratic vote through efforts such as hosting voter registration events and candidate forums, the recruitment of election judges and Democratic poll watchers, and attending candidate slating sessions. I would also facilitate regular and open 32nd Ward Democratic Committee meetings with active members from the Party. I plan to establish a transparent 32nd Ward Democratic Committee website and establish a 32nd Ward Democratic Committee office separate from the 32nd Ward Alderman’s office. 

As your Alderman, I will continue to be your independent voice in City Council and run my office with honesty, transparency and accountability. These same guiding principles will distinguish my role as your 32nd Ward Committeeman. I’m excited about this position as I have been a Democrat my entire life and have a deep commitment to our democratic electoral process. I look forward to creating an independent and transparent Democratic Party structure in our Ward that opens the door for Democrats to become involved in their Party.