Ald. Scott Waguespack endorses Harish Patel for 40th District State Representative

Ald. Scott Waguespack (32) announced his support for Democratic state representative candidate Harish I. Patel in Illinois’ 40th District, citing the need for more bold progressive and independent leadership in the state legislature.

“Our state is in crisis. We need elected leaders in the Statehouse who are independent thinkers and committed progressives to get us out of this mess–not politicians who got there in the first place through political clout and cronyism,” said Waguespack, who is chair of the City Council Progressive Reform Caucus. “Harish Patel is a dedicated community leader who will address financial mismanagement in Illinois and fight against budget cuts that hurt our neighborhoods. I am impressed by his energy, common sense and commitment to democracy. I am pleased to support him.”


Voices for reform, accountability endorse Kim Foxx for State’s Attorney

Alderman Scott Waguespack stood with leaders from across Cook County to endorse Kim Foxx for Cook County State’s Attorney over incumbent Anita Alvarez.

Foxx, who is challenging Alvarez in the March 15 Democratic primary, is a former Cook County prosecutor and most recently served as chief of staff to Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

Ald. Scott Waguespack, chair of the Progressive Caucus, said he is endorsing Foxx because “we need a person who is committed to good government, who will help the whole city, the whole county reexamine the way we do things.” Waguespack, whose 32nd Ward includes parts of Bucktown, Lincoln Park and Logan Square, said, “What we’ve seen over the past few weeks and what we’ve seen over the last few years with Anita Alvarez has been appalling. It’s time to get behind Kim Foxx, so we can finally see some real change in the way the State’s Attorney operates going forward.”



Chicago Tribune

32nd Ward: “If we were going to pick a model for thoughtful independence on the City Council, it would be Ald. Scott Waguespack. He voted against the original parking meter deal, now recognized as a financial disaster for the city. He has consistently pressed for responsible spending, and pension and ethics reform. He has challenged Mayor Rahm Emanuel without being a showboat about it. The political action committee linked to the mayor is spending money to defeat Waguespack, which shows an intolerance for dissent. Why not pour the cash into replacing City Council do-nothings? Waguespack is enthusiastically endorsed …” 02/10/2015

32nd Ward: “…Voters would be wise to re-elect incumbent Scott Waguespack, one of the city’s most independent and thoughtful aldermen. Waguespack, a member of the Progressive Caucus, might deviate from the majority view more often than necessary, but he is one of the key forces driving the Council in the right direction by making sure his colleagues understand all the options for solving financial problems. He also played a key role in keeping open schools that are now high-performing. He has  run an accessible ward office and built up strong ties with community organizations.” 02/08/2015


“State representative of the 39th district: Scott has been a strong progressive champion in our neighborhood and in City Council. He’s fought for our public schools, supported a $15 minimum wage and continues to fight for affordable housing in the 32nd Ward. He stood by me in my race and I’m proud to endorse and stand by him this February 24th.”



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David Orr, Cook County Clerk


Grassroots Illinois Action