I AM AN INDEPENDENT ALDERMAN. I will continue to work to ensure your tax dollars are spent wisely. I will support good legislation from City Hall, but I will vote against legislation that hurts taxpayers.

AS A MEMBER OF THE CITY COUNCIL PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS, I have crafted legislation to reign bad deal for taxpayers; created more oversight of city services by the Chicago Inspector General; demanded accountability for the scandal ridden city red light camera program; worked to create an elected school board for Chicago Public Schools; and called for answers on Chicago crime stats and an accounting of police manpower in our city.

STRONG NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLS. Our great neighborhood schools are pillars of our communities. Public schools have to be accessible to all of Chicago’s children and must be a way to give opportunity to all. When given the tools and opportunity to be great leaders in the classroom, our teachers can help our children and schools reach the top level. Every child needs a strong start, so we’ve led the way to expand universal pre-K that would allow parents to work full-time. I will continue to advocate for an elected school board so parents have a more direct say in their children’s education.

INFRASTRUCTURE & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. A strong infrastructure that meets the modern day intermodal needs of our community are important for balancing development with the quality of life needs of all our residents. As development happens, I will continue to follow my process of working with neighbors to craft projects that will benefit the community for years to come. I have helped larger companies like Ford and Mariano’s move to the 32nd Ward, but also work closely with small businesses who want to stay here or ones looking forward to moving here.

FIGHTING CRIME. Every Chicagoan is entitled to live in a neighborhood that is safe and secure. What happens in an area of the City affects our entire City. We need serious changes to reduce crime and violence in our City. I have fought to put more officers on our streets after years of reduction in the number of beat officers. I have worked to get better training for officers, including crisis intervention on mental-health issues. We need more police officers back on the streets and there are dollars in the City budget to make this happen today. We need more leaders willing to join us in setting our priorities straight and putting the safety of citizens first.

FINANCIAL PRIORITIES. Our City finances need to prioritize the taxpayers first. We need to continue to audit city government to find waste, fraud and abuse. To do that, we need a stronger City Inspector General’s office. I’ve advocated for the reappointment and strengthening of the Office of Inspector General and will continue to find ways to create more efficiency and improvements in city services and City Hall.

With the Progressive Caucus of the City Council, we are working to bring a new level of transparency to make city government accountable to taxpayers. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) can be beneficial, but we cannot support TIFs when there is no economic benefit to taxpayers. Over $1.5 billion sits off the books in TIF accounts. We need to reprioritize our finances and get Chicago on the right financial footing.