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Rahm’s Anti-Crime Speech Leaves Aldermen, Residents Unimpressed

September 23, 2016

Aaron Cynic, Chicagoist

Mayor Rahm Emanuel outlined his plan to address Chicago violence Thursday evening to a few hundred people in a gymnasium at Malcolm X College.

“For all the things that make Chicago great, for all the things that make us proud to call ourselves Chicagoans, the violence that is happening corrodes our core,” Emanuel told the crowd. “It is not the Chicago we know and love.”

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Progressive Caucus To Emanuel Administration On Proposed Water Tax Hike: “Show Your Math”

August 22, 2016

Caucus requests for actuarial accounting, explanation of anticipated rates of return go unanswered

CHICAGO (August 22, 2016)–The Chicago City Council Progressive Reform Caucus on Monday called on the Emanuel administration to show proof that its proposed water tax hike would actually generate the revenue needed to address the Municipal Employees’ Annuity and Benefit Fund (MEABF) of Chicago pension liability.

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Proactive Options for Municipal Revenue Generation

August 3, 2016

Creating a sustainable fiscal future for Chicago

As Chicagoans, we have big dreams about what our city could be like–and big problems in funding critical programs and institutions upon which we all rely.

If Chicago is to continue to offer a wide array of services and programs to its residents, and if our city is to grow in new ways in the coming decades, we have to face the facts: we must find ways to generate new revenue.

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Statement: Progressive Caucus Announces Subject Matter Hearings In Addition To Emanuel Administration’s Police Reform Community Engagement Plan

July 25, 2016

CHICAGO (July 25, 2016)–The Progressive Reform Caucus issued the following statement on Monday in response to the Emanuel administration’s announced plan for a new community engagement process around police reform and accountability:

“In June, we joined community and civil rights organizations in demanding  that the Emanuel administration pursue a comprehensive, citywide community engagement strategy on police accountability and reform, including meetings in the neighborhoods and subject matter hearings in the City Council chambers.

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Progressive Caucus Introduces Sweeping Debt Oversight Legislation, With Backing From Emanuel Administration, To Prevent Future Bad Bank Deals

April 13, 2016

Chicago City Council Progressive Reform Caucus

The Chicago City Council Progressive Caucus on Wednesday will introduce a major regulatory Ordinance designed to create oversight and transparency for debt transactions and untested financial arrangements like the so-called “toxic” interest rate swap deals that have plagued the City in recent years.

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A Chicago police task force says the department must acknowledge its racist past and overhaul its handling of excessive force allegations

DON BABWIN, Associated Press

CHICAGO (AP) — A task force Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel established to look into police practices said the department must acknowledge its racist past and overhaul the way it handles excessive force allegations, as City Council members neared a final vote on Emanuel’s hand-picked choice for chief — an African-American with 27 years on the force.

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